Alada Company Network draws on a history of successful business across various countries of the Middle East over a period of more than 20 years. During this successful history, Alada Company Network has consistently adapted to the requirements of the time, the place and the markets in which it is focused. Alada Company Network has evolved to operate as a  consolidator or network, bringing together the capabilities of world-leading companies in various sectors into a focussed, high performance unit to execute large programmes of work. This structure allows Alada Company Network to operate through a portfolio of partners with a particular orientation around the delivery of life support for government entities and companies in stressed locations and the delivery of business continuity as a service.  Alada Company Network has a consistent track record of successful programmes by ensuring compliance with established programme management methodologies and adherence to international best-practises.

Our executive leadership can demonstrate their experience and achievements at the centre of turbulent events in the region and have sought to amplify the lessons learnt from these situations through a careful selection of partners to work with.  Alada Company Network’s portfolio of partners allow it to successfully undertake programmes in a wide variety of domains, while being able to deliver internationally-recognised expertise and large-scale capacity.

Our partnerships have been specifically chosen to provide complementary capabilities.  These partnerships cover key economic sectors required for national-scale programmes in delivering life support for government entities and business continuity on the national scale.  This provides capacity to deliver large-scale projects in development of infrastructure;  provision of healthcare services;  provision of oil field services;  delivery of energy management solutions;  establishment of internal security and law enforcement;  establishing transportation, logistics, media and hospitality services; and transformative projects in telecommunications and technology.

We work to make our partnerships positive for every partner. We are committed to seeking mutual benefit; respect and value other’ contributions.