Bloom Seeds are one of the leading Italian developer and producer of seeds. They ensure production of seeds of high-quality that result in more productive crops, which is why farmers prefer them and invest in them. They are developing new cutting-edge technologies to respond to the challenges humankind is facing and are certain their new technologies will allow the agricultural industry to transform these challenges into new opportunities.

Founded with the purpose of investing in ethical food security solutions, AgriSecura is a for-profit commercial investment firm. By making strategic take-or-pay investments in diverse global food producers, we are able, in times of food scarcity, to receive agricultural products in lieu of financial profit. This allows us to actively support relief efforts in host countries, improving food security.

In developing countries, with food import/export imbalances, the first 20% due to AgriSecura is held back to support local markets. A significant proportion of all net profits are put back into farming communities to support training, education, healthcare, and community development.

Advanced Agri-Tech Solutions Ltd

AI Quality Assurance and inspection 

  • Livestock Sector: Ante-Mortem and Post-Mortem Inspections
  • Using Machine and Deep Learning to inspect and assure quality


  • A system that is the ìthe totality of data and operations that is capable of maintaining the desired information about a product and its components through all or part of its production and utilization chain
  • From ‘farm to fork’
  • Using AI for recognition of item and anomalies

Headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine, AGROSOL Ltd. is a government-approved trading and transportation company that specializes in agriculture products from growing and producing foods to breeding and trading livestock.

AGROSOL makes sure that every service provided is up to a world-class standard following hygiene and safety protocols set by authorities. AGROSOL are experts in the field of growing or trading the following products. Oil products like: Sunflower Oil, Corn Oil, Sesame Oil, Olive Oil, Organic Oils, and others.

After production and refining, AGROSOL will take care of transportation whether it is locally or internationally via the following methods:

  • Freight railway transport.
  • Freight air transport.
  • Road freight transport.

Blumen Group is an Italian company born in 1980, when the ‘Blumen’ brand was established as a producer and wholesaler of seeds addressed to the traditional gardening distribution channel. They specialize in Seeds and bulbs for Hobbyist use, Fertilizers, Live plants, Seeds for Semi-Professional and Professional use.

Sunrise SRL Seeds is a seed company involved in the production and marketing of agricultural seed products. They are also involved in selling and shipping various products for their own brands like Gloria Seeds.

New American Seed Co. is the newest joint-venture created in the vegetable seed industry to support a chain of exclusive distributors in the entire world.

The product line is exclusive to the Company and its distributors, and each variety offered is the result of intense research with the participation of each distributor to fulfill its particular needs. Our seeds will not be offered to the general public, but it will be distributed in each Country by the only “One” distributor that will participate in the research program.

United Genetics proudly offers top quality processing tomato, fresh market tomato, hot pepper, sweet pepper, watermelon, melon, squash, and cucumber seeds, among others. We focus on the needs of diverse customers along the vegetable supply chain; thinking of the grower by securing the versatility and robustness of the product performance, and the consumer, by focusing on physical appeal, nutritional value and the taste of the final outcome of our genetics.

United Genetics strives to deliver the best possible product to our clients in terms of the seed quality, product performance, and consumer value. We put maximum effort into incorporating the needs and desires of our buyers from the moment of shipment of parent seeds to our production sites to the time our genetics reaches our final customer, the consumer.

Moab Seeds is know for a variety of seed production and plant breeding located in Amman, Jordan. A vegetable seed producer, seeder and wholesaler they venture into distribution throughout the region.