Alada health

Healthshare was founded in 2004 by Dr Tony De Coito. At the time it was an associated company of the Netcare group, and its first contract was the management of three hospitals owned by the 3rd largest gold mining company in Southern Africa. Over the years, Healthshare expanded across Africa and into the Middle East and continues to strive to improve both private and public healthcare services to the benefit of the African population.

Healthshare is a truly service oriented, client-centric company. Through partnership and collaboration, we empower clients across Africa and the Middle East to meet the growing demand for quality healthcare with lasting value.

Pharco Pharmaceuticals is the mother company of Pharco group, founded by Dr. Hassan Abbas Helmy in 1983. Eight health care companies are operating in the pharmaceutical field for development, manufacturing, marketing, distributing and exporting of a comprehensive array of generics and branded generic drugs under the name of Pharco, along with a rising number of licensed pharmaceutical products.

Pharco is the largest manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in the MENA region, focused on research, formulation, manufacturing and commercialization of pharmaceutical products. Today Pharco employs over 8,000 employees, and has over 750 Million packs produced in 2019 ó ranking as the leader in the Egyptian pharmaceutical market. Pharco also exports to 50+ countries around the world. Pharco works towards one goal which is to provide highly effective and safe pharmaceutical products to patients at an affordable price. Currently Dr. Sherine Hassan Abbas Helmy (Pharcoís CEO) is leading the organization after spending 30+ years, gaining massive experience from his father, the founder of Pharco, Dr. Hassan Abbas Helmy.

VPS Healthcare is an integrated healthcare service provider with 20 operational hospitals, over 125 medical centres, 10,000 employees and medical support services spread across the Middle East, Europe and India.

By providing comprehensive patient management meeting international quality standards across the MENA Region and beyond and by catering to the entire strata of these communities, VPS Healthcare has developed a brand image of excellence in healthcare delivery.

VPS Healthcare is recognized as an Industry Partner by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and is also a member of the MENA Regional Partnership Community of the WEF. In addition to this, VPS Healthcare is also the proud holder of the Guinness World Record for Largest Simultaneous Self-examination for Breast Cancer.

Between hospitals, medical centers, and pharmaceutical exports, VPS Healthcare has developed extensive international coverage – a presence that is growing steadily as the group pursues opportunities for further diversification and strategic synergies.

From being exclusively based in the United Arab Emirates, VPS has entered the neighboring Gulf countries and India. The group is poised to further strengthen its operations at home and abroad. With ambitious expansion plans, VPS Healthcare is set to bring healthcare benefits and strategic value to new markets.

MDI is is a family-owned company founded by Dr. Rafi’ Al-Rawi in 1992 and located in Baghdad, Iraq. They are experts in manufacturing and marketing generic, branded and over-the-counter (OTC) products. They have a large portfolio of over 100 molecules that cover multiple dosage forms including tablets, capsules, inhalers, ointments, creams and liquids. MDI imports, stores and distributes medications and they register medications and gain licenses.


AlKhaleej Altijari & Alhadatha are Alada’s newest subsidiaries, totally dedicated to the Libyan market. It specializes in medical and pharmaceutical supply, as well as medical consultancy and services. AlKhaleej & Alhadatha are headed by Khalil Nasser, a Libyan pharmacology specialist, with a Masters Degree in Business Development. AlKhaleej & Alhadatha are duly registered and certified in Libya, and is authorized to participate in Libyan public tenders.

Invoking Alada’s solid standing in the Libyan market, and its project financing capabilities, AlKhaleej endeavors to serve the medical and pharmaceutical sectors in Libya and North Africa with reliable quality supplies and services.