Alada Services

Kalam Associates have a well-established presence in the UAE, with firm connections to both private and governmental entities.

Kalam Associates provides a platform for engaging specialist technical and domain-specific resources to work on projects undertaken by Kalam Associates.  The business model of Kalam Associates is to undertake complex projects, while leveraging its access to specialist skills to successfully execute those projects.

SPINNERS is a creative digital marketing agency located in the metropolis of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, Dubai. SPINNERS is experienced and professional team specializes in uniting the creative and strategic aspects of branding, content creation, digital marketing, exhibition stand design, website development, and more for their well-known, high-profile partners in the private aviation sector and other industries.

With roots planted in tradition, Kalam Creatives is the newest branch of Kalam Research & Media, reaching out to an audience that appreciates the wisdom of learning, but is eager to be dazzled by the creative vision of the present.

The Kalam Creatives story fuses the charm of experience with the sharp wit of youth, building a bridge between the best of both worlds. The A to Z of Digital Media. comes easily to our team, as do the tried and tested doís and doníts of the industry. So instead, we focus on communication. Open dialogues and less red tape. Global talent working on local insights. A shared vision with a realistic game plan. More listening, less imitating. And more creativity. Each and every time.

ATEX International Exhibitions is an international exhibitions & events company that has evolved into one of the leading organisers of exhibitions, conferences and events in the Middle East & North Africa. We​ organise both business and educational platforms attended by thousands of participants every year to do business, network and learn.

Deca4 Advisory is a Dubai-based fundraising agency that enables investors to benefit from the high-yield advantages introduced by the tokenization of assets, such as liquidity, lower fees, transparency and regulation.

Along with our partners, our expertise covers legal, technical, economic and marketing. We work together to leverage corporations that are addressing global challenges with high impact technologies. Currently, we are working with four projects in various sectors, such as bioscience, technology and food, and have large pipeline rising every month.

We consult and help Customers Build, Manage, Develop and Support complex & new-generation business applications for End-Customer & Trade. Solutions such as Customer-First, Mobile-First, AI-First, Commerce-First have been successfully delivered by the Company in domains of Customer Engagement Solutions, Digital Payment, Online marketplace, Ecommerce Services, Online Travel Technology & Digital Distribution. From a Technology Innovation standpoint, we have been the earliest adopters and have an established practice on AI, Blockchain, Commerce, Analytics & Cloud.

We endeavour to understand client needs & demands from a Business, Strategic, Execution, Technology and ROI perspective, so that we provide the right fitment of the solution to them. We are able to provide the right fitment to the problem statement understanding the prevailing ecosystem and priorities of the Stakeholders. We use our unique customer-centric approach, past experiences & in-house expertise to develop Solutions & services to bring quick execution. With our consumer insights, rapid execution capabilities we are able to deliver customer implementations within the shortest time & within compliances to ROI.