Introduction to Alada Africa

Alada Company Network has built a business model that seeks to combine the considerable strengths of its own human capital and operational capability, while massively leveraging those strengths through strategic partnerships with world-leading companies. It aims to serve the African and Middle East markets by delivering this business model.

In addition to this and specifically in Africa, Alada Company Network further amplifies these capabilities by affiliating with a variety of blossoming and developing African businesses across the length and breadth of the continent.  This provides Alada Company Network with a unique combination of global reach, through its own capabilities augmented by those provided by its world-leading partners and local action, through its affiliations with local businesses across Africa.

Thus, Alada Company Network has direct access to Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Algeria through its own established offices in North Africa, while its affiliates further extend its reach to the countries of South Africa, Angola, Burundi, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and DRC.

Alada Company Network will continue to leverage this model to extend its reach across the continent of Africa to further markets in the Middle East.

Abacus Pharma Ltd has built an excellent reputation over the past 15 years, growing from a relatively small pharmaceutical distributor to one of the leading importers and distributors of pharmaceutical formulations, surgical & non-surgical items. Abacus Pharma Ltd represents many reputed pharmaceutical manufacturing companies & surgical / non-surgical item companies spread across India, China, Middle East, Pakistan, UK & Kenya.

Abacus Pharma Ltd provides a wide variety of pharmaceutical products for the local market at affordable prices and is now operational in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya and are working towards expanding to the rest of Africa to become the leading Pharmaceutical distributor in Africa.

Afrifresh Enterprises has built a very successful business on the basis of its passion for providing its customers with the best of fresh produce. Afrifresh commenced operations in 2016 and within a very short time grew to be one of the biggest such providers in Namibia. 

Afrifreshís success is built on a dedicated and professional team, who have control over quality assurance and all aspects of the supply chain to guarantee the freshness of their product. Afrifreshís key, the guiding principle is to provide all customers with superior service, while taking care of the staff and its stakeholders.

The vision is to be the largest provider of fresh produce in Namibia.

Tropicana Airlines is focused on operating as a reliable transporter in the oil and gas market within the African region. This capability is built on an efficient and professional  operational management structure which aims to obtain the maximum utilization of Tropicana’s aircraft, while also providing the highest standards of customer service and safety. Tropicana’s management team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the aviation industry and this experience has been harnessed in order to deliver an extremely safe, yet cost effective operation.

Tropicana Airlines Ltd. also owns 51% of Tropicana Shipping Ltd, which means, in combination the group can offer a comprehensive logistics solution where Tropicana Shipping Ltd handles large, containerised shipment using sea-freight.

Tropicana Airlines is affiliated with some of the big names in the aviation industry ranging from long haul cargo operators to international freight forwarding machineries.

INTRASPEED is a dynamic and entrepreneurial logistics service provider employing individuals who share their philosophy and company values.   The success of INTRASPEED is founded on close customer relationships and unique customer-driven service that differentiates INTRASPEED from its competitors. The INTRASPEED team shares a common vision of offering outstanding logistics solutions.  The key pillars on which INTRASPEED have built their success are –

  • Commitment to their customers
  • Professional Staff
  • Specialised Industry Sector divisions

SANZI is one of Namibia’s principle businesses engaged in import and export to serve the needs of the Namibian marketplace.

Juba General Trading is one of South-Sudanís top renewable energy; solar power companies and is the top solar company based in Juba, the capital of South-Sudan, serving all of South Sudan. Juba General Trading is reaching out beyond the borders of South-Sudan and Africa at large, and has expanded to Asia where it has an office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in order to be able to grow technologically and meet stake holders and investors.

K HOTELS is a newly opened, intimate, boutique hotel in Entebbe, Uganda, in close proximity to the Central Business District and providing convenient access to all parts of the city.  K Hotels comprises 48 luxury rooms and exceptional amenities.

K HOTELS offers its guests all they could possibly need in a modern hotel and is situated in a wonderful location. With easy access to Kampala, connecting its guests with all main arteries leading out to Ugandaís spectacular and diverse natural beauty that the country is famed for ñ it inspired Winston Churchill to describe Uganda as ìThe Pearl of Africaî.

Doshi Motors Company Ltd is one of the leading automotive, agriculture, and housing solutions providers in the Republic of South Sudan.

Operating from the capital of Juba, Doshi Motors seeks to play a major role in the economic development of the country and to expand on this success by becoming a leading automotive products and services provider across Africa.

Doshi Motorís mission is to fully satisfy its clients through the provision of quality products and excellent professional service while seeking to improve and develop the socio-economic status of the community through job creation, motivation, and support for technical training.

OMA Logistics operating in Ghana provides its customers with the tools and detailed information they need to make the supply chain logistics process easy to navigate, whichever industry they work in and wherever in the world.

OMA Logistics serves all business sectors with very tailored offerings for mining, oil & gas, energy & Infrastructure, project cargo, exhibition goods, commercial cargo, temporary imports and LCL; by air, sea and road, including transit cargoes to Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.

Ghanaian Ports are the preferred gateways to landlocked countries and OMA Logistics offers all of the support required to make cost-effective and efficient use of those gateways.

The OMA Ghana Group includes complementary sister companies such as a shipping agency, husbandry services, as well as services and joint ventures with clients in the oil & gas industry.

The Nobel Group is a multi-business conglomerate that has been operating in Africa since the early 1990ís. The Nobel Group has diversified business interests covering Manufacturing, Real Estate, Imports and Distribution of FMCG products, Automobiles, Electronics, Frozen Food and Pharmaceuticals in Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Namibia, India and extending to Dubai in the UAE.

The Noble Group is one of the biggest importers in Angola and employs over 2,000 people who serve millions of Angolans every week. The Nobel Group network of 60 wholesale outlets, 5 central warehouses, 5 cash and carry establishments and 20 Distribution/Cash vans make daily needs of ordinary Angolans available across 13 of Angolaís 18 provinces.


A company based in Beira, Mozambique specialising in the import of foodstuffs.

‘Biso Na Biso Groupe’ (BNB) was first incorporated in 1998 in Kinshasa, DR Congo with the aim of providing the people of the country with access to various commodities and services from various global markets. Envisioning the potential of DR Congo, BNB started business with a single retail store, but saw the huge future potential and rapidly grew to become one of the leading Trading houses in DR Congo.

BNB Groupe is actively engaged in a diverse range of business activities such as Manufacturing, Trading and Distribution, Retail, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical and many more services, being focused, well directed and far-sighted organization, BNB strongly believes in the long-term.

The Group is associated with many prominent suppliers and principals, most of who are amongst leaders in their respective products lines internationally. Through optimizing and managing the key business drivers efficiently, the group has experienced exponential year on year growth in business.