Alada Travel

Click Aviation Network is a global service provider offering a wide range of trip support and travel services. Click Aviation Network has built a platform called “Omega” using artificial intelligence in order to connect parties from all around the globe, making aviation services more accessible to both brokers and operators.

In 2015, Click Aviation Network arose with the purpose of initiating a connectivity revolution within the aviation industry.

Headquartered in the UAE, Miracle Flight Support is an international service provider that specializes in serving VIP, VVIP, cargo, ambulance, and military clients. Miracle Flight Support places excellence and high-quality services above all, making travel more efficient and convenient for the client.

Acquired by Click Aviation Network in 2018, CharterPad is based in Florida, USA, and is the 2nd largest charter platform in the world. Charter Pad is goal is to build an ecosystem for the charter professionals enabling them to do business efficiently and intelligently by providing a one-stop-shop from sourcing to booking ancillary services.

Simplicity is the name of the game here. Charter Pad is platform removes the headache for brokers and operators with dynamic features designed to make life easier.

PermitPad is a platform intelligently designed to make the flight process easier for both the operator and the broker. With just a few clicks, the users will be able to know all the paperwork their flight requires along with the estimated prices for each country.

From over 170 countries across the globe, We collect each overflight permit requirements. Constantly we update our system with latest terms of regulations and airspace coverage area from Civil Aviation Authorities.

Allowing the users to customize their orders from A-Z, CateringPad was designed to complete the flyers experience by providing them with delicacies from all over the world following dietary requirements and maintaining high customer satisfaction levels.

From its hub in Dubai, Focus Aviation has leveraged the excellent supporting facilities for aviation in the UAE and has specialised in providing aviation services to and from Africa. As such, Focus Aviation is an ideal enabler for Alada Company Network and its partners in their efforts to deliver projects and services to the countries of Africa.

Trinetium is a travel tech company that aims to seal the gaps and understand the challenges OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) face. Trinetium covers a large aspect of the travel experience from booking flights all the way to scheduling tours around the chosen city.

A tech startup on a mission to revolutionize the vehicle rental industry in the UAE. They are doing this by creating and offering an easily accessible online vehicle rental marketplace, where people can find cars, trucks, bikes and even gyrocopters for short or long-term rentals. No queues, no middlemen, no complex booking systems.

Beno mobile application provides a unique solution to the users by making vehicle rental a smooth and seamless process. Beno is a one-stop rental marketplace where you can meet all the varied vehicle rental needs with a wide variety of choices.