Our Team

Management & Team Leaders

Alada Company Network’s in-house resources include senior managers with track records covering the areas of technology & communications; logistics & supply-chain; the energy sector; and finance & operations. Management team members are stationed in Alada Company Network’s offices in the UAE, Libya, Canada, Tunisia and Jordan.

In addition, Alada invokes as needed, expert input and support from the resources of its international partners. Alada has, for over two decades, scouted for MENA’s most promising young engineers and technologists and put them through capacity-building and hands-on training programs. Continuous learning and rigorous engagement with experts from such leading companies as IBM, NCR, Schneider, Thales and other partner solution-providers have offered this native intelligence the opportunity to flourish. The resulting know-how is leveraged in the service of our clients.

Dr. Aref Nayed

He is the Chairman of Alada Network Group of companies. His experience comprises of working alongside his father in the family’s construction business and the founder of several businesses in Libya, UAE and beyond. Upon returning to Libya in 1998, after holding several international academic appointments, Aref established Alada Mutkan Networks, a family-owned technology company based in Tripoli, Libya which served clients in the Arab region and Africa in the government, oil and gas, financial services, and transport sectors. His business grew into a thriving company, which represented over 33 international partners, including Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, NCR, CISCO and Oracle.

Omar Nayed

He serves as the Managing Director of Alada Company Network. Omar is a young entrepreneur, who is specialising in the media, technology and pharmaceutical business sectors. Prior to his role with Alada Company Network, Omar served in various advertising, business & media positions, including as Director of commercial and customer services in Kalam Associates in Dubai, where he played a key role in the operations of the company. Omar has a B.Sc in Multimedia from the University of Sharjah, postgraduate education in cinema and television from Bahçesehir University in Istanbul and an M.Sc in Business Management from the University of Buckingham.

Stephen Hanlon

He serves as General Manager bringing the experience of senior roles with two of the major international suppliers of banking software solutions, in addition to having spent seven years as Chief Information Officer for one of the fastest growing retail banks in the UAE. This experience has developed the skills and techniques for ensuring on-time on- budget delivery of projects in the enterprise IT environment. Consistent demands for best-in-class customer service have been a key driver behind the projects that Stephen has delivered. He has wealth of experience in dealing with customers across the Middle East and North Africa.

Akram Ibrahim Hassan

He serves as Group Finance Manager with Alada Company Network and its sister companies. He has been
a member of the company management team over several years and has served the company and its sister enterprises since 1999. Akram is a graduate in finance and joined Alada having started his career in the banking sector.

Abdulhakim Elgadi

He is responsible for the Alada research department. Abdulhakim specialises in coding, artificial intelligence, philosophy, mathematics and program management. He was awarded the Fulbright Foreign Student Program Scholarship to pursue an MA in Philosophy at The New School for Social Research in New York. He also holds a diploma in Philosophy from the University of London, an MA in Engineering in Artificial Intelligence through a Japanese government scholarship at the Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan, and a B.Sc in Engineering from the University of Tripoli, Libya.

Khalil Bunkheila

He is responsible for the Alkhaleej Altijari partnership and manages the operations and business relations of the Alada pharmaceuticals division for the MENA region. Khalil has a B.Sc in Pharmaceuticals & M.Sc in Business Administration.

Khaled Edris Alhijazi

He holds a B.Sc in Management Information Systems from Abu Dhabi, UAE, with experience in private entrepreneurship and business. He currently heads the projects division at Alada Company Network.

Mahmud Ben Zahra

He has been the backbone of Alada’s operations in north Africa, particularly Libya over many years. Mahmud has maintained customer relationships in Libya and Tunisia, principally on behalf of Alada’s information technology products and services business. Additionally, Mahmud’s duties have entailed contract reviews and project auditing. Mahmud has also had responsibilities with regard to project payment scheduling and follow ups, and also with organisation and management of training programmes with international trainers. 

Neel Patne

He has been a vital support for the running of the digital platform of the company. Neel was born and raised in Dubai and has acquired skills and experience in digital arts at international standards. He holds a Bachelors’s degree in Business Administration from the Southern New Hampshire University, Boston & a Diploma in Interactive Animation.