Alada participates in Libya Build 2023, Benghazi


Libya Build is the Leading Event for Building, Design, and Construction in North Africa. This trade show offers a wide variety of new opportunities, to connect with industry peers, explore new products and services, and stay ahead of the competition. Is the premier destination for industry professionals, experts, buyers, distributors, and key decision-makers from the public and private sectors.

The event took place from October 02 to 05, 2023, at Benina International Airport, Benghazi, Libya. It is the 14th edition of Libya’s most influential and important economic event, which hosted 117 international companies from 10 different countries, with a total of 220 participating companies from around the world.

The 14th edition of the event was inaugurated by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, Commander-in-Chief. The opening was also attended by ambassadors from Italy, Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia.

Libya Build announced that 55% of the total number of companies participating were international companies. In terms of participation in the exhibition, Turkey is the country with the largest number of companies with 44, followed by Italy with 22 companies, Egypt with 18 companies, Tunisia with 12 companies, and Austria with 7 companies. Furthermore, the event was attended by five major companies from the United Arab Emirates as well as important companies from Germany, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, and Algeria.

Alada Company Network Participation Summary

Alada actively participated in the 14th edition of the event, showcasing its extensive construction capabilities. These capabilities encompass the entire construction process, from design and build to interior design, communication, automation, and life support. The versatility of Alada’s offerings garnered significant attention from both visitors and fellow participants. Positioned strategically, Alada’s stand highlighted the integrated solutions that cater to diverse project scales and client needs.

Key Highlights:

Stand Location and Presentation: Alada’s stand occupied a prominent location where the company and its partners were featured. The company presented a comprehensive overview to all stand visitors and a more detailed presentation for those with specific interests.

Comprehensive Presentation: The detailed presentation covered the following key aspects:

  1. Alada Company Network Overview: A comprehensive look at the capabilities and offerings of Alada Company Network.
  2. ARTEC – Architectural & Engineering Consultants: Introduction to ARTEC, a full-service consulting firm providing urban planning, architectural design, engineering, civil engineering, construction supervision, video animation, surveying, and consultation services.
  3. GBH International Contracting LLC: Information about GBH International Contracting LLC, a leading provider of Civil, Infrastructure & MEP Contracting Solutions.
  4. JC Maclean International: Overview of JC Maclean International, a leading Manufacturing and Interior Fit-Out Contracting company specializing in turnkey solutions for various properties.
  5. Inteltec: Insight into Inteltec, a leading GCC company specializing in engineering and implementing information and communication technology (ICT) networks and systems.
  6. Emerson: Information about Emerson, a global technology, software, and engineering powerhouse focusing on innovations for a healthier, safer, smarter, and more sustainable world.
  7. SOSi: An introduction to SOSi, addressing complex management and technology challenges across digital infrastructure, software, intelligence, logistics, and human services.
  8. Multimedia Presentation and Catalogues: Alada enhanced its presentation through a looping video showcasing the capabilities of its partners. Additionally, the distribution of hardcopy catalogues and relevant materials, both received from partners and internally printed, provided comprehensive information to visitors, leaving a lasting impression of Alada’s collaborative strengths. Alada’s participation not only showcased its individual capabilities but also highlighted the strength of its partnerships, offering a comprehensive suite of services to meet the evolving needs of the construction industry.